Been a wibbly-wobbly few days, there is a lot going on and time seems to be getting away from me, I think I am legitimately stressed by some things and being overly anxious about others.

In the mean time I am swamped by what I want to call ‘my (stupidly stupid) feelings’ I told my therapist last week that I didn’t want them, and I that I actually don’t want help ‘managing’ my feelings, I just want help to get rid of ‘my (stupidly stupid) feelings’, or at the very least, help to just ensure they arise when convenient. He didn’t go for it – and why would he, feelings are the stuff of his job I guess?

So I’m still left with them, leaking out all over the place, getting in the way of my thinking clearly, putting all sorts of unhelpful ideas in my already overly anxious brain.

I’m no longer in control, my feelings are most definitely not helping me get through the days, days, that just for the next few weeks, would test a properly sane person and goodness knows, I am not one of those.

In the words of Blackadder “Wibble!


5 thoughts on “Wibble!

  1. plf1990 says:

    Keep the faith – even with the wibbling, you’re still moving through your days and you will do great at the big things coming up, because you are strong 🙂 x wibble.

  2. I was thinking the exact thought today. Why do feeling always have to meddle in everything? Wouldn’t life be easier without them?

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