And it was going so well…..

Back at work and it goes wrong. All the things I refused to worry about before going on leave have come up and hit me full force. And I suspect the worry is all pretty unnecessary too – not that that makes it go away.

Perhaps applying for new jobs, setting up a new company and managing the day to day is rather a lot for anyone, after all my day job is way more than full time at the best of times, and just at the moment, it’s nothing like the best of times.

Trying to tell myself to take it all one thing at a time, and as per my previous post – that it will all work out, that it always does – it’s just I can’t quite believe that at the moment.

Well it’s day one, I’ve ploughed thorough nearly 1000 emails (seriously!), maybe feeling overwhelmed by it all is natural, this is why I rarely take time off though, the stress just isn’t worth it.

Just feeling horrid today 😦


4 thoughts on “And it was going so well…..

  1. Ben Naga says:

    May my thoughts be with you. Did you see notice you only one new “follower for your half century? 🙂

  2. Goose says:

    It sounds like your feelings are all perfectly natural given what all is on your plate. Take deep breaths. … loss of them. … roll your eyes as often as necessary and things will turn out fine.

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