It’s so depressingly horrid (a proper ‘Damn and B******s’ moment), when you read something and see something that’s been starting you in the face for some considerable time.

Earlier this morning I read a blog entry on ‘control’. In a few short paragraphs I gained a new perspective on some of what happens in my head, how I must seem to those others that know me, at least to the few that really know me.

The blog entry is here, it’s interesting, worth a read:

Much to think about……..


2 thoughts on “Control

  1. Ben Naga says:


    This morning I reflected
    That today I am the same age as you were
    When I was as much younger than you
    As you are now older than me

    This just goes to show
    The kind of thing that happens
    When you start calibrating
    What you should be celebrating

    So what’s to celebrate
    What of worth then
    Gathered from the years?

    That it’s not what you see
    It’s the way that you view it
    It’s not what you do
    It’s the why that you do it
    It’s not what you’ve lived
    But the way you lived through it
    And that’s what really counts

    That you should neither judge nor aggravate
    The turmoil that surrounds you
    And everything is already perfect
    Whether you like it or not

    Why rush around in pursuit of pleasure
    When you could simply enjoy
    The suffering you already have?

    That there’s more to the I
    Than meets death
    And even if you’re dead important
    You’re not important dead

    Of course I forget most of this stuff
    For pretty much of the time
    But I wanted to make my birthday
    A day to remember

  2. Persephone says:

    That one hit a nerve for me, too.

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