Feeling chilled

It’s hot, and it’s fab, While my arthritis and, this weekend at least, my asthma don’t like the heat, I actually do. things seem to slow down when it’s hot and I can finally feel a wee bit ‘chilled out’.

Maybe it’s just too hot for my brain to fight with itself, my internal monologues have faded out over the last few days, maybe I’m finally getting better, perhaps though that is too much to hope for just yet, but the peace is certainly a welcome change. Maybe it’s having more ‘outside’, I have always felt safer outside, and in this weather, outside is pretty much all there is, with every window and door open, the outside is everywhere.

So for today, I’m enjoying a slower pace to the day, and an unusual, but most welcome quietness in my head.



2 thoughts on “Feeling chilled

  1. There is a truth to your thoughts about it being too hot for your brain. In martial arts, our grandmaster had a way of practicing. He would drill his students on the same technique until they were thoroughly exhausted. Once the students felt like they would drop over, the techniques became less grandious. It’s a theory of using the least amount of energy through more precise movements. The body puts the muscles on energy saver mode, essentially.

    Now, there might be another theory to it. Since you have asthma, you might not be getting as much oxygen to your brain as you do in other seasons. While it’s not quite enough to cause any brain damage, it might be enough to slow the thoughts down. I personally feel a little sluggish in the summer, because my asthma flares and I have difficulty doing much of anything.

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