A week and a bit off work and things change, I’m back at work now and completely wrapped up in what must be done, and there is a lot that must be done at the moment. No more quiet summers – if they ever were, but that’s not the point I guess. Work seems to be another way to avoid my feelings, I’ve known that for some time, work is an addiction for me, and a very effective, and socially acceptable one.

My therapist mentioned it yesterday, that things had been different when I wasn’t at work, we talked about some difficult stuff, that I usually manage to talk around rather than about. He seemed to suggest in that way he has of not actually suggesting anything, that maybe we should think about things other than work, some more of the difficult things.

He said at the start (nearly two years ago) that we need to get to the ‘painful stuff’ and I knew then he was right, why else would I go to therapy, but still I kinda hoped we could just touch on it not go all the way into it, I only wanted a sticking plaster, just to be able to manage a bit better.

Not sure where this is going today, just aware that things are shifting.



4 thoughts on “Shifting

  1. Borderlion says:

    I hope it is a positive shift for you.

  2. WilderSoul says:

    It’s hard work getting deep into the painful stuff. Then again, it is hard work ‘coping’ through life, with our ‘sticking plasters’ patching the wounds. What I like most about going through the painful stuff is that it actually heals with a bit of sunshine, and friendly care and attention. Then that wound is not there any more. I found colouring in was helpful in relaxing, and accessing the part of the brain which stores past memories. Also helpful in expressing stuff that was too difficult for me to put into words. Then it was easier to put words to the pictures afterwards. The choosing of colours seemed to be helpful, without the need to think of anything else. Feel free to print off and colour any of the pictures on my free colouring book. There are some blank frames in there too. Wishing you all the best in your healing! 🙂

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