Been a wobbly few weeks, feeling destabilised, maybe due to a few too many changes in my usual routine.

I have been in a very bad mood for the last few days but I am feeling better finally, maybe clearing the decks at work has helped a bit.

In the mean time, I noticed a small change, first a moment, when I was clear that I had had enough of trying to be strong, to make out like I am ok, and then for a very brief, very clear moment, I knew that I needed to tell someone everything and I knew that it would be safe.

It’s gone now, but I am left with a very small but determined voice inside my head that keeps telling the other voices to be quiet.

The truth is I am terrified of silence, of what might be there, but this voice is clear – silence is what is needed.



One thought on “Silence…..

  1. afalz says:

    something that also helps my silence, is one of my cats purring in my lap. makes me very content. My your heart find peace, and your mind the stillness it seeks.

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