Travelling worries

I’m off away for a few days, and considering I do this all the time, I am abnormally, and possibly excessively, anxious about it today. I don’t like travelling and a few nights in a few different hotels is a not the most enjoyable, a few nights in one hotel is much better as at least I can settle in one place.

Also last time I went to one of these places I was attacked outside the station (my fault for stepping in without assessing the danger properly, I always get myself into unsafe situations). So that really can’t be helping, but then I have been there many times and not been attacked, so by the balance of statistics I should be safe….

The good side I get to see some lovely peeps that I don’t get to spend time with very often (after all social connections are good for your mental health – right?). The down side, days with people, evenings with people, basically people, for the whole time. I really need time on my own too, possibly more than I should, but people do exhaust me, and playing the role of being OK exhausts me too

Worrying too about the practicalities, have I packed the right things, have I got the right papers, what if I miss my train, etc. etc. etc.

Being sucked into a worry spiral, and I want to get off!


One thought on “Travelling worries

  1. I don’t think it is your fault you were attacked outside the station. You made a mistake and weren’t careful enough…but we all make mistakes, everyday people make mistakes…no one deserves to be attacked for making a mistake. Please don’t blame yourself.

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